Apprenticeships: Are they good for business?

With employers ever increasingly being sent information on Apprenticeships and with government ramping up its commitment to funding and supporting the programme, the time to see if Apprenticeships are right for your business is now.  All the evidence shows that organisations offering Apprenticeships are seen as good places to work.


The Advantages

Research continues to show the benefits of hiring apprentices. Recent surveys of employers who had Apprenticeship schemes found that:

  • Planning for the future -  82% of employers said that they took on an apprentice to build the skills capacity in their organisation.
  • A more competitive business  - 66% said that their Apprenticeship programme made them more competitive in their industry.
  • Loyalty reduces recruitment costs  - 74% said that apprentices tended to be more loyal, remaining at their company longer than non- apprentices.
  • Customers value apprenticeships – 61% of customers would prefer to use an employer that employs apprentices.
  • A motivated, satisfied workforce - 92% of Apprenticeship employers say they lead to a satisfied and motivated workforce.
  • A productive efficient workforce – 80% of those that employ Apprentices say they make the workplace more productive.
  • A means to fulfilling social mobility - Engaging and promoting apprenticeships represents a real contribution to the local community.